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Strive to provide the best-quality miso into every household worldwide.

About Us

Miyasaka Brewery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1662. It all began with Ihei Arimasa Miyasaka, the 12th head of the Miyasaka family, who started a brewery in the city of Kamisuwa, Nagano, Japan. For the next 300 years, Miyasaka spent tremendous amounts of time to create a perfect sake “Masumi,” which today is highly regarded for its aroma, body, and rich taste. One of the secrets of this popularity lies in the company’s successful development of special high-quality yeast.

In 1916, the company put its experience of making Masumi to the production of Miso, featuring the Miko-chan trademark. In 1968, the latest technology concepts were introduced and successfully applied to the development of freeze-dried products.

By considering what we eat from a variety of different perspectives, the company has been able to develop a popular range of new products. Our goal is to introduce this traditional and healthy Japanese food worldwide, in the most casual and convenient way.

Miyasaka Quality

From Farm to Table trace-ability

Now, our consumers demand more assurance in product safety and its quality for a food company ever in our history. In Miyasaka Juzo Co Ltd, we operated under very strict quality control. We enforce detailed traceability throughout our production line from purchasing the raw ingredients to selling the products to our retailers. We can track the origin of the ingredients in what region and what country, and trace how our products are delivered through the production process.
We only purchase ingredients that meet our high-level safety standard. We produce our products in the factory with our own quality management standard which ensures product safety, employee safety, and product quality. Our facility also equips examination rooms to monitor any defects or bad productions.

We know where ingredients are coming from.

We use soybeans which are imported from the United States and Canada for our standard miso products. We use only Made-In Japan soybeans for our premium miso products. For rice purchase, we not only use imported rice which the Japanese Government inspects and prescreened but also use Japanese rice brands as well. To ensure the safety of the raw materials, we examine imported soybeans for pesticide contaminations over 100 inspection points. For imported rice, we also do that same procedure for over 300 inspection points which the government publishes.
We use imported vegetables for our instant miso soup products. they are produced only in our contracted farms, processed and packaged in the state of the art facilities which carry ISO and HACCP certifications.

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