Miko-Brand Low Sodium Miso Paste | Soybean Paste

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Miko Brand Shinshu Ichi miso is a traditional, homemade soybean low sodium miso paste that has been produced using the time honored method of fermentation and aging. The quality of our miso can be enjoyed by people with high blood pressure and cholesterol as it contains 25% less salt than other misos on the market. Miko brand’s “Mutenka” No Additive Preservatives, “Gen En” Los Sodium miso soybean paste.

What is low sodium miso?

The distinct flavor of “Mutenka Genen Miso” comes from its all-natural miso, which has a delectable combination of toasted koji sweetness and soybean savor. The miso is produced with a reduced ratio of rice koji and soybeans, compared to the typical misos sold in Japan. It is fermented for a long time and has an amazing umami flavor, unlike any other miso on the market.


・25% less salt than the light-colored spicy miso in the 7th Revised Standard Tables of Food Composition in Japan.
Additive-free miso that complies with the fair competition rules for miso. No food additives, including alcohol, are used.
This is a “raw miso” that has not been heat sterilized, so the power of the enzymes derived from the malt is still active.
The rice used is 100% domestically produced.
It is produced at a traditional miso brewery in Suwa, Shinshu.
Our unique fermentation and maturation method has resulted in a miso that is fragrant and refreshing. The miso is low in salt, yet has a delicious combination of flavor and taste.
A small, easy-to-handle size.


A small amount can be used to flavor food while cooking an everyday meal or you can simply use Miko Brand miso paste as a seasoning or marinade. Miko Brand miso is great for cooking and as a condiment. Miko-brand’s Shinshu Ichi low sodium miso paste can be used in many ways. It is packed with the pure umami flavor extracted from natural soybeans so it’s great to use as a spread, sauce or seasoning. It miso can be used to season fish and chicken dishes, noodles, tofu snacks and even pizza. Miko-brand miso makes a tasty soup stock that can also be used for making pickles and other side dishes. Miko-brand miso can also be used as a marinade for meat, fish and vegetables.
We found a sample recipe here too.