Is Instant Miso Soup Healthy?

People have been debating about is instant miso soup healthy for decades. Some think that it is a perfect quick and easy meal, while others believe that the additives and preservatives in the soup are unhealthy. So is instant miso soup healthy? We address this question!

why miso soup is good for you?

Miso is rich in isoflavone antioxidants, which may contribute to your health.

Though it sounds counterintuitive since it contains salt, miso is actually low in sodium. It’s also a good source of dietary fiber and protein for people who are watching their figures. Miso can help you stay full longer!

Miso soup is a Japanese dish that goes with sushi, rice dishes, and any other Japanese dishes. In Japanese, “miso” means “fermented beans.” The soup is made from a paste of fermented soybeans, barley, or rice malt. It is high in protein and rich in vitamins and minerals including potassium, magnesium, zinc, and selenium.

Based on WebMed’s article, the following are some of the potential health advantages of miso soup:

miso soup is usually made with vegetable broth, seaweed, tofu, sometimes chicken or beef stock is used. The flavorings can also vary greatly depending on the brand you buy. Some have a more intense salty flavor while others are sweeter and contain more vegetables.

Now we know a little bit about Miso soup in general. So the next question is

What is instant miso soup?

Instant miso soup usually comes with one or two small packet(s) per serving. it is designed as a quick and easy meal to prepare. One packet contains miso paste. This miso paste is already mixed with dashi (umami flavor broth). And the other packet contains dried ingredients such as wakame(seaweeds), tofu, green onion and etc.

Is Instant Miso Soup Healthy for you?
Miko-Brand – Instant Miso Soup Packets

How does instant miso soup work?

Typically, one dried component packet and one miso paste packet are included in an instant miso soup package. the contents of dried ingredients are dehydrated. It makes the package more compact. Miso paste is highly stable at room temperature since it is fermented and has salt. The dried packet has no moisture, which avoid the contents from going bad. Read below to how to prepare instant miso soup.

Is instant miso soup healthy and good for you?

It’s hard to say what “healthy” means but, in general, instant miso soup is good and healthy for your health. Miso is a fermented ingredient. Vegetables that have been dried are high in fiber. Some people were concerned that Miso paste might contain MSG. If you’re worried, check to see whether the items include chemically manufactured MSG or naturally occurring umami flavor from dashi. This might assist in determining which items to purchase.

how to make instant miso soup

Open and empty the contents of the packets into a soup bowl, add boiling hot water as directed on the pack, and stir. Be careful; the food may be extremely hot. Allow 30 seconds to a minute for the dish to cool down. This process helps the dried contents absorb water, allowing them to be properly softened.

How to enjoy instant miso soup.

Green Onion Miso Soup

Instead of making miso soup according to the recipe exactly, you may add anything you like to make it more unique. Add more green onions, tofu, or Wakame if desired. You may get creative. But avoid anything you cannot eat raw. Some people add daikon radish or spinaches too.

Why you should drink miso soup every day?

“It’s eaten by three-quarters of the population at least once a day (during breakfast, lunch, or dinner) and over 80% of all miso paste (including white miso paste, red/brown miso paste, and barley miso paste) is used to make it,” according to Japancetre.

Miso soup, which is a Japanese national dish that has been enjoyed by the people of Japan for centuries, is one of their favorites. It is very low in calories. The soup contains almost no fat and cholesterol. And you can enjoy great benefits from fermented food that is rich in beneficial bacteria and enzymes..

Why you should buy instant miso soup?

If you love cooking and make hearty miso soup every day at home. That’s fantastic!

However, if you are busy with other daily tasks, prepared instant miso soup such as Miko-brand Freeze-dried instant miso soup helps to add a healthy soup to your table. It also helps reduce your meal prep time.

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