New product! Miso soup value pack and Shijimi freshwater clam

Do you like our less sodium packages? Now we have full flavor packages!

Shijimi Freshwater Clam with Two flavors (12 servings) (Open in new window)

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Shijimi Miso Soup Miyasaka USA 12 packs
Shijimi freshwater clam is one of the most popular ingredients for traditional miso soup recipe in Japan. Now you can enjoy this traditional and yet delicious recipe at home without going to fish!
This package comes with two flavors( Mitsuba leaves and green onions). This product is also offered in less sodium package. Check out details at our product page (open in new window).

Toku 30 Value Pack Miso Soup (30 servings) (Open in new window)

Miyasaka Miso SOup Value Pack Toku 30

Enjoy our famous authentic miso soup in 30 bulk value packages with full flavor! This singe bag contains 30 servings of Tofu(5), Seaweed(10), Green Onion(10), and Fried Bean Curd(5) miso soup packets. This product is also offered in less sodium package. Check out details at our product page (Open in new window)

Just like our other value package, open and pour hot water. You can enjoy authentic Japanese miso soup!

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