Preparing Delicious Miso Soup

Miso soup is one of the most popular miso dishes, and is made almost daily in Japanese households.

1. Prepare the “Dashi” or stock

Konbu(dried kelp) / Katsuo-dashi(dried bonito flakes)
Soak four 2-inch stripes of konbu in four cups (about 800 ml) of water for 30 minutes. Heat the water and remove the konbu just before it begins to boil. Add just over one cup of bonito flakes, and bring the water to a boil and then remove immediately. Strain out the bonito flakes.

Instant dashi
Add a small amount of instant dashi-no-moto (about 0.14 ounces) once the ingredients are thoroughly heated.

2. Heat the Ingredients
Heat the ingredients in 600-700 ml of the dashi you’ve just made, beginning with bulky vegetables (potatoes, taro, daikon radish, etc.) and then adding lighter ingredients (deep-fried bean-curd, shiitake and enokidake mushrooms, etc.)

3. Dissolve the Miso
Once the ingredients are heated, add 4tbsp(about 2.5ounces) of miso.
4. Add Greens
Once the miso has dissolved, add wakame seaweed, spring onions and another greens and allow the miso soup almost to boil before serving.

Make sure not to boil miso soup-boiling will change the flavor.
Miso can also be used as flavoring in stews and soups.

[How to store]
Storing the miso in the refrigerator at below 50 F will keep it fresh and flavorful for a long time,
Its colour may turn a little red, but this has no effect on its taste or nutritional value.

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