Vegetable Soup (One Serving)

Vegetable Soup (one serving)
20g Potato (half of a medium-size potato), 20g carrot (1/10th of a medium-size carrot), 20g onion (1/10th of a medium-size onion), 10g garden peas, half a rasher of bacon, 50ml milk, 7g miso (half of one tablespoonful), 150ml water, soup stock (half a cube).

  1. Peel the potato and carrot, and cut them into fan-shaped pieces 5mm thick. Slice the onion. Pour boiling water over the bacon and cut it into 1cm-long pieces. String the garden peas.
  2. Mix the soup stock cube, bacon, potato, carrot, onion and water, and bring them to the boil.
  3. When they are cooked, add the garden peas and milk. Add miso by dissolving it in the soup. When the soup starts to the boil, turn off the heat.

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